Savvy School Supplies

As an A-Level student, I have to be super prepared when I return to school. After having a few weeks off after my exams in May, I have returned to school, and found myself needing new school materials such as pens, highlighters, notepads etc. Although most of you are approaching the end of the academic year and are not in need of new school supplies, however, come September, we will all be rushing to Staples or Ryman to get our new necessities.

From first-hand experience, going back to school/college is not the most exciting time in the world, especially after a long break off. However, it is something we all have to deal with and maybe we are able to make this ordeal more bearable with the help of some new back-to-school items (plus, it gives you another excuse to go on a shopping trip!) Personally, I love getting new supplies for school (I know this sounds a bit nerdy!), I just think there is nothing better than opening a fresh, new notebook on the first day back and writing with a brand new pen.

So, I decided to design a blog post to show you cool, unique and original school items, so that when you return back to school/college, you are almost excited to try out your new purchases.


1) Pencil Cases 

Everybody needs a pencil case, in order to keep all of their pens, pencils, rulers, rubbers etc in place. So, what better way to start the new school year than with a cute, fresh case. Remember: this will probably last you the whole year, so make sure to pick one you really love. 

Sunflower Pencil Case – Urban Outfitters – £10.00


Woodland Multi Pencil Case – Paperchase – £2.75

Belle and Boo Pencil Case – John Lewis – £8.00

belle and

The Belle and Boo pencil case is my favourite by far, I love the fact it has a little story on the pencil case and is so adorable and original.

2) School Bag

Summersville Satchel – Paperchase – £30.00

Aztec Backpack- Accessorize – £35.00

Tile Print Saffiano Tote Bag- Topshop – £28.00

3) Notebooks/Pads 

I am always getting through so many notebooks when at school, although I tend to get the cheap refill pads, instead of splashing out on an expensive pad. Below are some options for notebooks/pads that you could use for school, work, college, university, a gift for a friend or even if you want to treat yourself, here are some options for you:

3D Orange Kitten Notebook- Urban Outfitters – £6.00

I am in love with cats and so when I found this kitten notebook, I had to upload it on here for you guys.

Dragonfly Applique Journal- Paperchase –  NOW £4.50 WAS £9.00

Art File Birds A5 Notebook- John Lewis –  £8.50

4) Stationary (Pens, Pencils, Ruler, Rubber, Highlighters etc)

As this is a big section of the back to school post, I am only going to put  one idea for each piece of stationary mentioned. Otherwise, it could get really long and tedious.

Yummy Scented Pen Set- Urban Outfitters –  £10.00

Bear Highlighters Pack of 5- Paperchase  –  £3.00 


All Change Ball Pen Set – 1 Black and 1 Red Pen – Paperchase –  £1.25


Iwako Shaped Erasers- –  Ranging in prices 

Biege Biscuit Eraser £1.10

Purple Cat £1.00 

Toothbrush £0.30

biscuit purple

These rubbers are so adorable and unique as well. There are so many different shapes and colours to choose from. Including animals, food, objects, vehicles and so many more. I highly recommend looking out for this shop on the high street and having a look for yourself as it is stationary heaven and you can pick up some great original bargains.


30cm Ruler in Green- –  £1.00

Animals 6 Pencil Set Tin – –  £3.00  


So, there are my back-to-school buys and I hope you found this blog post helpful.



Rise of the 90s Jelly Shoe

Recently, I have noticed that the jelly shoe has made a come-back into our wardrobes. Some people believe that this trend is a hideous occurrence, however I am so excited and pleased that this style of shoe has appeared once more.

Unfortunately, I never owned a pair of jelly shoes when I was younger, but I am making it one of my priorities to buy and own a pair of these shoes. Luckily, I have already laid eyes on the perfect pair, now it is just a matter of buying them.

There are so many different designs and styles of jelly shoes out in the high street and online right now. From jelly gladiator sandals, to even boots. I’m sure that if you look hard enough you will find the perfect jelly shoe for you!

So, in this blog post I will show you 3 different jelly shoe styles and what you could wear with your pair of jellies this summer. I will even supply you guys with the website or shop and the prices, so all you have to do it check them out for yourselves. Enjoy!!


1. Fisherman Jelly Sandel 

This is my favourite type of jelly shoe and will definitely be the style I will be purchasing this summer. You can pair this style with little socks as illustrated in the image above, paired with a cute skirt or summer dress.
Celebrities have also been loving this style of jelly shoe. Nicola Roberts and Perrie Edwards (Little Mix) pictured below:
Now… where you can buy the Fisherman Jelly Sandal :

1. Tilly Flat Fisherman Jelly Sandal  – £10.00
Also, in Clear, Coral and White – but only in selected sizes. 

2. Funky Gladiator Jelly Shoes  – £10.00

Also, in Apricot.

3. Office Juju Maxi Low Jelly Coral Exclusive  – £20.00
Also, in Orange. 

2. Heeled Jelly Shoe 

An alternative to the flat, a heeled jelly shoe is perfect for a more sophisticated, grown-up look than the flat. You could pair them with tights for a different look. Simple, easy and cute.

Or, you could wear them with skinny or rolled up jeans. This look is so easy and simple, but the jelly shoes add an alternative look, rather than trainers or pumps. 
Kylie Jenner has loved this season’s heeled jellies.
Where you can buy a pair of heeled jelly shoes:

1. Topshop Nina Fluro Jelly Sandals  – £26.00

Also, in Yellow, Pale Yellow, Lime, Pale Pink, Black (£24.00), Pale Blue, White (£24.00), and Purple. 

2. New Look Pink Block Heel Jelly Shoes  – £14.99


Also, in Black, Dark Pink and Silver. 

3. Boot Jellies 

The last type of jelly shoe I discovered was the boot jelly. This is perfect if you prefer to cover up your feet completely or if you are heading to a festival this summer and looking for an alternative to wellingtons.

You could pair your jelly boots with cute frilly socks, a dress or skirt, or even pair with black or nude tights for a different approach.

Where you can buy them:

1. Juju Black Chelsea Jelly Ankle Boots  – £25.00


I hoped this blog post was a help to any of you who were thinking about investing in a pair of jelly shoes. I think they are the perfect summer staple and will add something different to any outfit this summer.



3 Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day tomorrow, and I decided to dedicate my first blog post on creative and unique gifts for your dad on Father’s Day. Father’s Day is an opportunity for people who are old or young, to celebrate and thank their father for being a wonderful dad to them. Therefore, I thought I would create some ideas for any people who are struggling for ideas or have forgotten it was Father’s Day TOMORROW!!! (If so, I have just reminded you! No excuses now!)

For the first time ever, I got my gift really early on, about 3 weeks ago now so I am fully prepared for once without having to frantically get a card and a present. Me and my brother got my dad a aqua jumper from M&S that he liked, however with the weather lately being so hot and humid, it seems my present is a bit ironic.

So, here are my top 3 ideas for Father’s Day presents…

1. Make a collage of all of your best moments together.

I love this idea so much. My cousin did this for me on my 15th birthday, filled with photos as us as babies and childhood snaps as well. It is currently hanging up on my wall and I am always looking at it and laughing when I see what we look like. It is special, creative, loving and most importantly, priceless gift. Plus, it is so simple to make.

All you need is:

  • Photo frame
  • A piece of card (Measure your card against the inside of the photo frame, so the card fits inside)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Old photos

Then, all you need to do is pick out your favourite photos together. You could cut around them and decide where you would like to place them (Don’t stick the pictures down yet, as you might change your mind). Once you have completed your photo selection and decided where they are to be placed, you can stick them down onto the card. Place the card in the photo frame and voila – a beautiful, unique, present that would make your dad smile from ear to ear, and he may even shed a tear! Plus,  you don’t even have to do this for Father’s Day… you can do it for a friend’s birthday, your mum, wedding etc.


2. Make a personalised T-shirt 

This is so easy to do, simply type into Google “design your own t-shirt” or you could use this website

Then, choose your style of t-shirt, design, custom text and then pay. Easy, simple, creative, unique and thoughtful!

You could upload a funny picture of your dad on the t-shirt and add a caption, or write all the reasons why you love your dad so much on the t-shirt.

Also, you don’t have to just personalise a t-shirt, you could design a mug, cooking apron or iPhone case!


3. Treat your dad to somewhere special 

If you truly have forgotten Father’s Day and there is no time for you to go out and buy something or make anything, then why don’t you take him our somewhere and treat him. It could be out for dinner, theatre, cinema, a picnic in the park or anything else. I’m sure he would appreciate the thought and would receive the best gift of all….spending time with you!


So, hopefully this has given you a few ideas of potential Father’s Day gifts.

Hope you have a great day and happy Father’s Day!!